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May 3, 2016


19 West 44th Street
New York, NY 10036

New York Midtown -- Washington DC

Dinner Menu

Here at Kellari we strive to shorten the time and distance
any ingredient spends from the source to the plate.
In keeping with the tradition of the vast Greek Island cuisine,
our Chef proposes menus based on fresh fish, “gifts of the sea.”

Classic Meze: a Greek tradition of sharing, plates & tastes


Phylo pies with spinach, leeks and feta 13.95


Slow roasted lamb riblets sprinkled with Taygetos oregano 15.95

Kellari Veggie Chips

Crispy eggplant and zucchini chips with tzatziki spread 15.95


Yogurt, cucumber, garlic and dill 11.95

Truffle Tarama

Carp roe mousse with lemon and truffle oil 11.95

Authentic Saganaki

Graviera cheese flamed with brandy 14.95


House made assortment of our savory spreads with pita chips 16.95


Seafood Meze

Long Island Clams


East & West Coast Oysters


Shrimp Cocktail


Lobster Cocktail


Raw Seafood Platter

Royale (2 to 4pp)46.95
Kellari (2 to 4 pp)85.95


Simply grilled with lemon and oregano or lightly pan fried15.95


Grilled Portuguese sardines, with olive oil, lemon and herbs15.95


Sushi grade charcoal grilled octopus from the Mediterranean22.95

Garides Psites

Grilled jumbo shrimp lemon, olive oil and a mix of indigenous herbs18.95

Tonos “Tartare”

Olive oil infused sashimi grade tuna with caviar mouse15.95


Freshly Prepared Salads

Ancient Greek

Watercress, poached Greek figs, endive and sheep’s milk cheese 12.95


Romaine hearts, scallions, dill and mild feta dressing 10.95

Traditional Greek

Vine ripe tomatoes, onions, blue olives, cucumbers, peppers, feta 15.95

Octopus Carpaccio

Homestyle carpaccio, drizzed with aged balsamic, estate grown olive oil and micro greens 16.95

Fresh Whole Fish

Freshly caught whole fish, grilled on charcoal — We recommend approximately one pound per person.
Fish vary by weight and availability is dependent on market conditions. Our chefs de-bone your fish unless otherwise instructed; allow twenty to thirty minutes to prepare.

Lavraki (Greek Islands)

“The Greek Pride” mild sea bass29.95 lb

Tsipoura (Greek Islands)

Sea bream, lean with a mild flavor27.95 lb

Barbounia (Mediterranean)

Fried red mullet, rich sweet flavor28.95 lb

Black Sea Bass (Mid-Atlantic)

Wild bass, mild flavor and flaky28.95 lb

Dover sole (“America’s favorite”)

Unique taste with a firm texture42.95 lb

Jumbo King Prawns (Madagascar)

Grilled large head-on shrimp39.95 lb

Turbot (Mediterranean)

Rich, firm texture, mild flavor32.95 lb

Sinagrida (Atlantic)

American red snapper, moist & lean28.95 lb

Pompano (“Florida’s Pride”)

Firm flavorful fish, tender texture29.95 lb

Sargos (Greek Islands)

Aegean sea gray bream32.95 lb

Fagri (Greek Islands)

Firm tasty white snapper (Limited)38.95 lb

Lethrini (Greek Islands)

Red sea bream (Limited)42.95 lb

Sea Salted Baked Whole Fish

With fresh herbs (Additional $6)

Astakos - Maine Lobster

Grilled or Steamed 28.95 per lb
Stuffed with Crab Meat 35.95 per lb

Entrees: Seafood


char-grilled salmon over red organic beets, fingerling potatoes & saffron yogurt27.95

Corfu Shrimp

pan seared over asparagus and oyster mushroom risotto28.95

Seafood Yiouvetsi

oven roasted orzo with shrimp, scallops, mussels and clams29.95


Chilean Sea Bass, tomato braised with onions, caper berries and potatoes32.95

Entrees: Meats


Roasted herbed natural chicken & feta infused mash potatoes26.95


Grilled lamb chops with olive oil and oregano roasted potatoes38.95

Steak Prime

18 oz Dry Aged New York strip (with your choice of side)48.95



Sauted baby spinach8.95


Lightly grilled8.95


Grilled seasonal vegetables9.95

Green Kale

tomatoes, feta cheese, garlic8.95


Lemon roasted potatoes7.95


sauteed with chick peas and garlic8.95


Steamed wild greens7.95